Shah Alam International Logistics Hub

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Shah Alam International Logistics Hub

Shah Alam International Logistics Hub is wholly-owned by Global Vision Logistics Sdn Bhd. The company operates one of the largest build & lease warehouse of its kind in Asia outside China. GVL is a value-added partnership comprising partners with extensive knowledge in property development, logistics operations and market distribution. Collectively, the partners manage close to 3 million square feet of warehouses across Southeast Asia

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The Shah Alam International Logistics Hub is a 4-storey warehouse complex with a 2-way wide driveway ramp that allows 40-foot containers direct access to all warehouse units. The high ceiling at each warehouse unit allows for mezzanine floor offices for all units.

Features both single docking and cross-docking types of warehouse facilities(s). All warehouse units area also supported by nearby offices, car parks, canteens and so on.

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